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Mostra fotografica "L'amica geniale. When Literature Appears on Screen" al Mu Xin Art Museum



Mostra fotografica

L'Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Shanghai è lieto di sostenere particolarmente la mostra "My Brilliant Friend. When Literature Appears on Screen" organizzata dal Mu Xin Art Museum che si inaugura il 15 ottobre 2021.

Il titolo originale della mostra è "My Brilliant Friend. Views from the Set", una mostra fotografica dell'artista Eduardo Castaldo, curata da Silvia Salvati e Andrea Viliani. La prima mostra è stata ideata e organizzata dal museo Madre Napoli. Il produttore della mostra è la Film Commission Regione Campania, che rappresenta la regione Campania in collaborazione con la Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee. Nell'ambito del piano di promozione culturale e turistica regionale durante l’edizione 2019 Summer Universiade di Napoli, la mostra si è svolta in collaborazione con Wildside, Fandango, Rai Fiction, Timvision, HBO e Umedia. 


Info della mostra

Artista della mostra: Eduardo Castaldo
Regista: Saverio Costanzo
Autore originale: Elena Ferrante
Contenuto della mostra: Stage foto della 1° e 2° stagioni della serie televisiva “L’amica geniale”, scattate nel set della stessa serie televisiva coprodotta da HBO-RAI Fiction e Timvision.
Maggiori informazioni: link


Prefazione: When Literature Appears on Screen (Chen Danqing, Direttore Mu Xin Art Museum)

This exhibition, which might seem a bit strange to our visitors, was shaped by three distinct mediums:

From 2011 to 2014, Italian author Elena Ferrante published her four-part series of books, each individually titled but collectively known as The Neapolitan Novels, at the rate of one per year.

From 2018 to 2020, HBO and RAI produced the first and second seasons of a television show entitled My Brilliant Friend, based on the novels. The third season is currently being filmed.

In 2019, in response to the enthusiasm of readers and viewers, Eduardo Castaldo, the set photographer for the show, exhibited a series of set photographs in Naples. Now, they are being presented to you here.

For nearly a century, films and television shows have been adapted from novels, transforming and disseminating literary stories in new forms and to new cultures. In just a few short years, Ferrante’s best-selling novels became a hit TV show, and this photography exhibition bears witness to the lasting charm of the Italian neorealist aesthetic.

I have no idea if viewers who have never seen the TV show or read the novels will be interested in this exhibition. Due to the pandemic, the exhibition we had originally planned could not travel, so we are presenting an experiment, in the form of an exhibition that strays somewhat from the subject of Mu Xin’s work. However, I still see a connection to Mu Xin. Twenty-seven years ago, when he was analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the various schools of modern literature, he said, “I’m afraid that realism is still what offers hope for literature.”

Of course, realism can be interpreted in multiple ways, but in this new century, Ferrante’s novels may be a rare echo of the realist tradition. Her writing is deeply rooted in conceptions of modern literature; through the narrative methods and realist power of a traditional novel, she gives life to her characters and offers a portrait of contemporary life. Novels that are selected for screen adaptations are generally narrative and realist, so it is no surprise that HBO chose to create My Brilliant Friend.

As an aside, Elena Ferrante certainly knows how to keep a low profile; she rarely appears in public, and she seldom attends publishing events or signings. She embodies Mu Xin’s favorite Gustave Flaubert quote: “Reveal art, conceal the artist.”


elena e lila adulte

 Elena e Lila adulte


back stage 1 1

 Back stage 1


back stage 2 2

 Back stage 2


fratelli solara

Fratelli Solara


lila e marcello

Lila e Marcello che ballano


  (Video della mostra fornito da Mu Xin Art Museum)



Data: Da Ven 15 Ott 2021 a Gio 30 Giu 2022

Ingresso : A pagamento


Mu Xin Art Museum, Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province